The Crystal Conundrum

Are you looking for an inspirational and motivating puzzle event for children?

If so, then “The Crystal Conundrum” might be exactly what you are looking for.

Each session lasts approximately one hour, during which time the children work in pairs to solve a series of logic activities, puzzles and spatial problems, earning crystals as they go. Finally the crystals are placed into the crystal fountain enabling a large floating crystal to be rescued, thus solving ‘The Crystal Conundrum’.

All puzzles encourage team work and collaborative problem solving.

There are four main versions of the ‘The Crystal Conundrum’

  • Reception
  • Key Stage 1
  • Lower Key Stage 2
•  Upper Key stage 2
Up to 45 children can be accommodated in a session and schools
usually get through 4 sessions in the day. All that the school needs
to provide is a large indoor space such as a hall or gym.
The day costs £500. Travel costs are charged outside of the North East of England.

“ I just wanted to say a big thank you to you for an absolutley fabulous day. The  children were all fired up from the moment the invitation arrived. They went home full of ideas and absolutley buzzing!. That's just what great teaching is all about. The  staff got lots of ideas  as well. It was excellent professional development!"
Karen Elliot, Headteacher, Chillingham Road Primary School, Newcastle​

Thoughts from the children

“The Crystal Conundrum was really good! We kept going for the really tricky puzzles because you could win a super crystal”

“Brilliant day. .. it was so much fun”

“I like challenges and puzzles and these were good ones. It was very exciting”

“Yeah, we did it!! We solved the crystal conundrum”
​Year 3 children, English Martyrs Primary School, Newcastle

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